Choice of raw materials

Garments made with LYCRA EXTRA LIFE fiber guarantee greater durability, better fit and comfort. These benefits are added to the SOLARMAX technology, which blocks UV rays in 97.5% of solar radiation. It also protects the garment against contact with chlorine, sunscreens and oils.

Elección de materias primas

Las prendas confeccionadas con fibra LYCRA EXTRA LIFE garantizan mayor durabilidad mejor calce y comodidad. Estos beneficios se suman a la tecnología SOLARMAX, que bloquea rayos UV en un 97,5% de la radiación solar. También protege la prenda frente al contacto con cloro, protectores solares y aceites.

Ethical and Social Aspects

The production of our products is carried out in factories free of child exploitation and respect for the labor and economic conditions of the workers

Aspectos Éticos y Sociales

La producción de nuestros productos se realizan en talleres libres de explotación infantil y respeto por las condiciones laborales y económicas de los trabajadores

zero waste

The leftovers of the productions are sent to other factories with people with various disabilities , or chronically unemployed, they manage to reintegrate into the world of work. Other leftovers go to entrepreneurial projects in recycling, leaving these from being garbage to become sub-products.

zero waste

Los sobrantes de las producciones se envían a talleres con personas con diversas discapacidades, siendo estos desempleados crónicos, consiguen reinsertarse en el mundo laboral. Otros sobrantes van hacia proyectos de emprendedores en el reciclaje dejando estos de ser basura para convertirse en sub productos.

Our bags!

Our bags are made of cellulose + bioplastic both from plant and renewable sources. They are cut into pieces, added to compost, decompose in 180 days.

Nuestras bolsas!

Nuestras bolsas son de celulosa + bioplástico ambos de fuentes vegetales y renovables. Se cortan en pedazos, se agregan al compost, se descomponen en 180 días.

We also have canvas bags, these being reusable and of vegetable origin.

The brand is committed to finding ways that contribute to caring for the environment,
analyzing production processes, sustainable and responsible with our planet and the people who inhabit it.